Clothes from Costco?

Costco's a great place to load up on dishwasher pellets and 50 lb of jasmine rice. But clothing? Chances are, you've been intrigued by the dozens of tables with stacks of clothes in the center of the store but never stopped to look. While disappointingly many of the sizes seem tailored to middle America (e.g., no men's S but plenty of XL and XXL), like the store's other products, they're carefully selected and provide a tremendous value. Here are a couple selections we've tried and hope to find more soon!


English Laundry trousers


This designer label made "laundry" sound appealing by putting "English" in front of it. The textured 5-pocket Brixtons usually go for $95 and we wouldn't have given them a second look, but Costco is offering them in stores and online for $20 -- at some stores they've been spotted at $15.

They're true to size, made of cotton with a bit of spandex stretch. They come in gray, dark gray, and navy. We found the grays weren't versatile enough to pair with our walnut shoes and belts, but the navy is a great match for not only walnut but also burgundy, black, and dark brown.

The Brixtons tend toward the casual interpretation of business casual (e.g., not jeans but five-pocket styled like jeans).

Kirkland Signature dress socks

Socks are incredibly boring until you don't have them when you need them. While the once venerable Gold Toe label has degraded in quality and increased in price, Costco offers its private label Kirkland at five pairs for $10. Packs come with three solid socks and two patterned ones that are actually wearable and won't make you wretch. All our suits are either shades of navy or charcoal so we picked up two of each pack.

The socks have more cushion than Gold Toe and have some stretch so they stay put all day.

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