Never clean your gutters again

GutterStuff: cheap and effective.

GutterStuff: cheap and effective.

Certain things for the house are grossly overpriced relative to their value. Window treatments come to mind. Another one is systems that keep your gutters free of leaves and other debris. Many go for $3 to $5 per linear foot, and that's just for the materials. You still need them installed. 

Enter GutterStuff, which a handyman whom we had hired to clean out our gutters recommended to us. It's a piece of foam that fits into your gutter. Water flows through it. Other crap stays on top and blows away. Not only is it simple, but also it's relatively cheap, at around $1.25 per linear foot. 

After having ours installed five years ago, our gutters still flow like rushing rivers and the foam hasn't degraded at all. 

This is one of those rare cases where Walmart is actually cheaper than Amazon so we recommend picking it up there.