LED bulbs that dim to flattering candlelight

Philips WarmGlow A19.jpg

Most LED bulbs seem like a great idea until you try them in a dimming switch. Try mood lighting and you're bathed in unflattering cold moonlight. 

Humans grew up around fire and its warm orange glow remains the most flattering light available. Traditional incandescent bulbs cast light that got warmer and redder the more you dimmed them. Then we got all fancy and energy-conscious and started using CFLs and later LEDs. They didn't work the same way. 

That's why we love the Philips Warm Glow series that dims like traditional incandescent bulbs but uses as few watts as conventional LEDs. They're available in a variety of shapes, from plain old A19 to BR30 for recessed lighting. Since they last 22 years they could quite possibly outlast you - no need to ever change a light bulb again!